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Take Advantage of Our Programs

Indulge in a world of exclusive benefits, perks, discounts, and savings at London Amari Studio, where we prioritize rewarding our valued clients with an array of special perks, discounts, and savings. Elevate your self-care journey with our delightful offerings designed to enhance your experience and make each visit truly exceptional. Maximize your enjoyment with our exclusive benefits and take advantage of the following offerings that are tailored to enrich your experience at our studio. At London Amari Studio, we strive to make your wellness and beauty journey even more rewarding, ensuring that you receive the best care and value every step of the way.

Pay Late
Montly Special

Enjoy Our Exclusive Benefits

Discounts & Savings

Memberships | Starts @ $75
Experience the advantages of our exclusive membership programs at London Amari Studio. Unlock a world of additional benefits and savings with tailored membership options, including massage, lash extensions, brows, and skincare, designed to cater to your specific needs and enhance your self-care journey.

Packages | Starts @ $ 40

Embark on a journey of ultimate relaxation with our enticing package options at London Amari Studio. Discover our diverse range of spa, massage, and sauna packages that provide a bundled experience, combining multiple services for exceptional savings and a truly indulgent experience.

Gift Certificates | Purchase any Amount

At London Amari Studio, we offer carefully curated gift certificates that allow you to share the gift of self-care and relaxation with your loved ones. Our gift certificates gives the flexibility to choose the preferred service or dollar amount, and experience the pleasure of personalized treatments.. Give your loved ones the chance to indulge in a soothing and rejuvenating experience with our thoughtful and considerate gift certificates.


We take pride in providing our clients with a multitude of payment options that cater to their needs. In addition to traditional payment methods, we're thrilled to offer the added convenience of health savings accounts (HSA) and flexible spending accounts (FSA). By accepting these forms of payment, we hope to make our exceptional treatments more accessible to our clients. We encourage you to utilize your healthcare savings accounts to take advantage of our services and all the benefits they have to offer. Don't let financial constraints hold you back from experiencing the best of what we have to offer!

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May Monthly Special

Monthly Specials: Her at London Amari Studio, where we're dedicated to rejuvenating your spirit, and enhancing your natural beauty. This May, we're extending a special invitation to new clients: enjoy an exclusive 15% OFF on all our services. It's our way of saying welcome to a world of relaxation.

Every service and treatment is a personalized journey toward tranquility and self-renewal. From soothing massages that melt away the stress of the day or treat yourself to a treatment like Dermaplane that highlight your natural glow, our expert team is here to ensure every moment is tailored to your needs. Imagine yourself unwinding in a haven of peace, where every detail is designed with your well-being in mind.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Book your appointment today and take the first step towards a refreshed, more radiant you. Embrace the London Amari Studio experience this May and discover the perfect blend of indulgence and wellness. This is more than a visit to a spa—it's a journey to a more vibrant, rejuvenated self.

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Huge New Client Savings This Month

Monthly New Client Special

For online discounts @ checkout use PROMO code: NEWCLIENT2024

First Responders

First Responders Discount 

You Respond 4 Us, Let Us Respond 4 You!

$10.00 OFF Massage & Facials

At London Amari Studio, we proudly recognize and appreciate the commitment of first responders by offering exclusive discounts as a heartfelt token of gratitude. Experience our exceptional services while enjoying special savings as our way of saying thank you for your service.

First Respondes
Teachers Discout

Online Booking
Discover the convenience of our online booking system, providing you with effortless access to schedule your appointments at your convenience. With just a few clicks, you can secure your desired services, guaranteeing a seamless and stress-free experience from start to finish. Embrace the ease of online booking and make self-care a breeze at our studio.

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Teachers ROCK

$10.00 OFF Massage & Facials

At London Amari Studio, we appreciate, recognize, and hold our community's teachers, administrators, and staff in high regard. It is with great pride that we offer our TEACHERS ROCK program. As a teacher, administrators, and staff you deserve to be pampered and rewarded for your hard work, and we are delighted to extend special savings to enhance your self-care experience year-round. Showing appreciation is simple, purchase a gift certificate for yourself or your beloved teacher today. Together, we can make a difference and demonstrate our gratitude for a job well done. 


We Have a PAY LATER Option! 

Instead of paying full price now, London Amari Studio offers payment plans, so you can "Pay Later. Four small payments every two weeks using a debit or credit card of your choice. This feature comes with no fees, interest, or hard credit checks; it only takes a few minutes to sign up!


Pay Late Option
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