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Rhonda Cowan

In late August 2016, I experienced a major health crisis and was diagnosed with a brain tumor that forever changed my life. One year after the brain tumor surgery, It was time for me to take control of my recovery journey by obtaining more health and wellness knowledge from a holistic perspective. This prompted me to enroll and complete a cannabis and health coach certification. A calling to a NEW SEASON with a NEW PURPOSE and ASSIGNMENT. The Transform B.Y. Trauma (TBYT) where transformation empowerment was my vision reality for the Wellness of ME. As I have experienced, You’ll “Never Be the Same” after a major health crisis. Working with me through the Transform B.Y. Trauma Program, I will coach, facilitate support healing circles, provide awareness/educational opportunities and resources for women impacted by health trauma.

Celebrating Rebuild Your Life

Celebrating Rebuild Your Life Month is observed each year in June, and it allows people to take a moment to reflect on the way they’re living their lives.

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(June – September 2022, 2nd Tuesday every month at 6pm)
Wellness of ME (Virtual) Summer Series
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The Summertime Wellness Journey

Rhonda C.,Transformation Health Trauma Coach

June 28, 2022

July 12, 2022

August 09, 2022

September 13, 2022

Special Invitation

Kickoff | FREE Session

  • Affirm Up – Embracing Affirmations (30 Minutes)

  • Experience A Renewed Mindset

 1st Series Session

  • Cleanse Up – 3 Day Summer Detox (90 minutes)

  • Experience Feeling Refreshed

2nd Series Session

  • Esteem Up – Body Positivity (90 minutes)

  • Experience Self-love Fulfillment

3rd Series Session

  • Charge Up – Endless Energy (90 minutes)

  • Experience Self-care Rejuvenation

  Rhonda C., Transformation Health Trauma Coach


Early Registration Wellness of ME (WOM) Pricing
The Wellness of ME Vision is “Transformation Empowerment”
“The Resilience is in the Journey” RC


Wellness of ME (Virtual) Summer Series

  • Series Bundle $375

  • 1st Series Session $125

  • 2nd Series Session $125

  • 3rd Series Session $125

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