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Invest in your FUTURE!

Find the Course that is RIGHT for YOU!

  • Essential

    • Class Total Cost $1,250
    • Beginners lash training
    • Remaining balance due 3 weeks before training course
    • Includes in-depth training
    • Live Model
    • Training Dates coming soon in March
  • Affirmed

    • Class Total $1,500
    • Group & Coaching
    • Remaining Balance due 3 weeks before training course
    • This course will reveal the answers to your top 3-5 question
    • Live Model
    • Dates coming soon in March
  • Are you STUCK

    • Class Total Cost $1,750
    • One-On-One Lash Extension Coaching
    • Master Lashing Coaching
    • Includes In-Depth Training
    • Live Model
    • This Course will Reveal The Answers to Top 3-5 questions
    • Remaining Balance Due 3 Weeks Before Training
    • Training Dates Coming Soon In March

Deposits, class training fees, and costs are non-refundable. All sales are final.

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