Wellness of Me project

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We hope to be on the other side of COVID-19 with the new vaccine. Unfortunately COVID-19 has had a long lasting effect on many families. I personally know several families who have suffered and suffered in silence with depression and anxiety just to name a few.


This project will bring together holistic health and wellness therapists and coaches that will offer educational information, services and products.

Rhonda Cowan is a health coach and ambassador for self-care. With her, you’ll have the opportunity to share your personal healing journey that you’ve always dreamed of (healthy lifestyle/purpose/gifts), and the goals you’d like to accomplish for your health in a free 30 minute consultation session offered by London Amari Studio. You can book a 30 minute FREE consultation on our website. 

Must schedule a free 30-minute consultation first

A 50-minute Coaching Healing Journey to meet you where you are and to begin your Rediscovery Process. 

Lisa Hurst, RTP is a therapist, coach, and hypnotherapist. She addresses things like depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, fears, weight issues, post traumatic stress, and grief. 


Lisa uses Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy Method and Coaching to guide you to understand, heal, and rewire your old beliefs— the ones that are poorly serving you, and that you typically formed at a very young age—into new healthy beliefs and thought patterns. 


Unlike with talk therapy, you’ll walk away with a new understanding, feeling profoundly refreshed and empowered, typically within 90 to 120 minutes. A 20-minute personalized recording, to be listened to for 21 consecutive days, is included. 


Rapid transformational therapy is a hybrid therapy technique created by Marisa Peer that combines hypnotherapy, NLP, psychotherapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. It accesses the subconscious mind, examining old programming and replacing it with what makes better sense for you now.