The Wellness of
ME Project

We would like to Thank everyone who has taken advantage of this amazing program put together during the trying times that had occurred due to COVID-19. We are pleased to announce we are continuing to support our LAS Family. If you have friends and family needing support, please schedule a FREE consultation or call (704)761-9033 for more information.

Sttarrkisha Baker, Owner


5 Focus Pillars

  • Mindset Empowerment – Developing a positive mindset that expands your mental perception to change your perspective.

  • Meaningfully Evolved – Having a purpose driven focus to make a difference and impact in the people’s lives/communities you want to serve/help.

  • Mindful Eating – Making a choice to use food as medicine by partaking in a Health Eating Lifestyle

  • Mindshare Elevated – Sharing Your Story with other women that can relate and uplift you on your journey.

  • Mastermind Energized – Coming together to brainstorm and collaborate with other women to share you knew inspiration to live your purposeful and best life doing something you love.

One-on-One Coaching
6 Month Coaching Program - total of 12 sessions
3-months - $95 with a 42% discount = $40 per session – twice a month
3-months - $95 with a 20% discount = $76 per session – twice a month
Renewal of 6 months will be a 10% discount = $85 per session – twice a month
Format -Virtual – Google Meet or Zoom – 1 Hour Session

Description – One-on-One Coaching
The program is customized to meet the client where they are in the current life circumstances in the 4 B.Y. Stages: Brave YOU; Better YOU; Best YOU; & Brighter YOU.

Group Sessions
6 Month Group Coaching Program (MIN. 4 people; MAX. 6 people) total of 12 sessions
2x a month on Tuesdays- From 6-7pm or 2-3pm
Format -Virtual – Google Meet or Zoom – 1 Hour Session

Program Cost $35 Materials Fee
Clients to pay $25 dollars per 1 hour session = $50 per month
Health & Wellness swag bag
1 - One on One Session (30 minutes) – Free Consultation

Program Orientation
Description of Program -Primary Food – Relationships, Finances, Career, Spirituality, Physical Activity
Secondary Food – Food on Your Plate; Bio-Individuality; Crowding Out; Circle of Life.
Client Expectations – Commitment to 6 Month Program

Program Session Topics/Curriculum

1st Month

First Step - Brave YOU - Moving Every Step Forward - being ok with imperfection.
Session 1 - Defining Your Story - & Meditation/Journaling
Session 2 - Finances
2nd Month
Second Step - Better YOU- Rediscovery Process – Purpose Clarity
Session 1 – Career- Strength Finder – Purpose Alignment
Session 2 – Self-Care Regime
3rd Month
Third Step - Best YOU – Reimagined – Living your best life while making a difference.
Session 1- Spirituality – Relationship with Your God
Session 2 – Mindset – Mental Health Wellness
4th Month
Fourth Step - Brighter YOU - Showcasing a renewed and restored YOU while sharing your story with others.
Session 1 - Relationships
Session 2 – Detox
5th Month
Session 1- Physical Activity
Session 2 – Eating Lifestyles/ Meal Planning
6th Month
Session 1 – Clean Ingredients
Session 2 – Pantry Makeover or Grocery Haul