Microblading Aftercare Instructions

(Please read in its entirety and follow all instructions)

Please note that hair stokes WILL appear crisp, darker and bold at first, but will soften up in appearance as the tissue heals. The area will shed taking some color with it- this is normal. Some residual swelling is normal for ALL procedures. The area may appear uneven, dry, itchy, tender, red & irritated. This is all 100% normal. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH OR PICK AT YOUR BROWS. These symptoms will dissipate each day and vary on an individual basis.  

Color WILL fade/soften anywhere from 40% to 60%. At the touchup we will fine tune any area that has faded too much. Healing is specific to each client. It is important to realize that you may need a color boost every few months to maintain its fresh natural appearance. Fading will happen after each procedure.



  • No sun beds or tanning

  • No sweating in the gy

  • No saunas or steam rooms

  • No makeup on the brow area

  • No anti-aging creams on the brow area

  • DO not scratch the brow area or pick/pull the scabs away

  • Leave brow area alone and allow it to heal totally for at least 10 days

  • Avoid getting eyebrows wet (for the first 24 hours) and only blot or rinse with warm water thereafter (no soaps)

  • Use Aquaphor or 3M Cavilon (fragrance free) healing cream on the brow area (after the first 24 hours, for 7 days)

  • Use grapeseed oil after 7 days to help with healing

  • When brows are completely healed, use a face moisturizer with sunblock, as sun exposure fades the pigment

  • No chemical peels 60 days prior and must wait 60 days after (avoiding the forehead is recommended) – If you do frequent peels, the brows will fade quicker due to retinols/retin-a’s, other anti-aging creams or serums containing acids will fade your microbladed brows prematurely even after it is healed.

  • Smoking will cause the pigment to fade prematurely and anesthetics will not last as long


With proper care, your brows can last up to 36 months! Please contact your Microblading artist with any questions.

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