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'De-stress and relax with this light, medium, or firm full-body customized massage. This smooth-flowing service will ease tension and relieve aches and pains, leaving you feeling refreshed and relieved.’

Specialty Massage

Hot Stone

Using strategic placement and movement of smooth, heated stones, this service promotes deep muscle relaxation that eases muscle stiffness and melts tension away. Our customized hotstone massage is excellent for reducing stress and anxiety, and known for increasing circulation and metabolism, as well promoting better sleep.


Prenatal massage provides a wide range of benefits for both the body and the mind. some benefits include:

- Increasing blood circulation,

which provides more oxygen and nutrients to the mother and fetus and stimulates the lymph system to increase immunity and remove toxins. 

- Stabilizing hormone levels

to reduce stress, anxiety, and even depression. 

- Preparing for easier delivery,

by relaxing the nervous system and releasing endorphins into the mother’s body. 

- Maintaining good posture

and alleviating stress on weight-bearing joints and muscles structures from impact of weight gain. 

- Reducing many common pregnancy discomforts,

from low back pain to leg cramps, and even heartburn or nasal congestion. 


lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a technique used to stimulate the flow of lymph (bodily fluid that contains white blood cells and cleanses tissues to help fight infection and disease.)
This therapeutic massage uses light pressure and gentle long and/or circular strokes to help treat Lymphedema. Lymphedema, swelling and build up of lymph in the body’s soft tissues, is usually caused by infection, injury, cancer treatments, and surgeries. 


help reduce injury, relieve fatigue, relax, soothe, recover and condition muscles. ALSO Enjoy our 60 minute stretch session, a 60 minute massage and a 15 minute sauna SESSION FOR $115.


add-on's are added during your massage session





This treatment is for clients that want a deeper tissue massage. We use hot towels and Prossage to warm up the muscles and helps to release deeper tension. Then we apply Bio-Freeze to leave a cooling effect to the muscles.

deep muscle therapy


Enjoy one of our six aromatic blends. Radiance, Breathe Free, Serenity, Revitalize, Body Calm and New Self are available to smell and try in the studio. Feel free to add this Blissful experience to your customized massage session today!

sugar foot scrub


This treatment includes wrapping the feet with 2 hot towels and using a homemade scrub to leave the feet smoother and softer. After melting the sugar with 2 more hot towels, we use body butter to keep the feet soft and ready for any footwear. We even make sure we leave enough for you to enjoy it at home too!

paraffin wax


A paraffin treatment uses warm oil-based wax to provide pain relief to hands or feet. This treatment has skin-softening benefits as well. You can choose to have this treatment on your hands, feet or both. This Add-on can be added to any service.

Post-Wax Mask


add this post-wax mask after waxing, featuring Esthemax’s HydroJelly Masks to cool down inflamed freshly waxed areas. Great for underarm waxes. 

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