All new clients to London Amari Studio will be required to schedule a consultation service before scheduling an eyelash extension appointment.


Please note: if you are a new client to our studio and you book an appointment without scheduling a consultation first, our front desk team members will contact you. Thank you for understanding.


During your consultation We will discuss your expectations, style, shape and length. We will go over consent forms, attach a few single lashes (test for reaction to adhesive) and answer any questions you may have. How long your eyelash extensions lasts will vary depending on hair growth cycle, lifestyle and aftercare routine.

eyelash extensions

$185 and ^

Eyelash extensions are singular eyelashes that

are lashed one by one on your natural lash used to enhance the length, curl, fullness, and thickness or your natural lashes. Style and fullness will depend on the size of your eyes and the quantity of your natural lashes. To keep your lashes looking fabulous always, make and keep your scheduled two-week appointments.

Before you arrive clean eyes and lashes gently but thoroughly. remove all make-up including foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eye creams, mascara and residual oils. If you wear contacts be prepared to remove them. Contacts must be removed before service. bring contact case with you.

your natural eyelash lifespan is 60 to 90 days. By returning every two weeks your lashes will maintain their vibrant look. Your lashed can last forever by having a routine lash appointment.

Choose your style

volume set $305  

   hybrid set $205+

classic set $185+

                         2wk - $95                       

                         3wk - $105                     

                         4wk - $125                     

                       New client                  


                         2wk - $65                       

                         3wk - $75                     

                         4wk - $85                     

                       New client                  


                         2wk - $75                       

                         3wk - $85                     

                         4wk - $95                     

                       New client                  


ask about our lash life membership to save money!

new client fill-in

Please keep in mind it may be difficult to go over someone else’s work. Please understand we may need more time to examine your lashes and remove any lashes that may not meet our standards.    

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