How to care for your Eyelash Extensions

Thank you for choosing us as your lash extensions provider! Here at London Amari Studio we are passionate about beauty.  We’re delighted you have chosen to use our services. We make every effort to ensure that your service/treatment is enjoyable.


Review the information below to keep your lashes looking beautiful:

Please keep in mind that the eyelash shed cycle is approximately four to twelve weeks. DO not be alarmed if some of your lashes fall out quickly (they most likely were at the end of their cycle). The majority of extensions will stay through a complete cycle if you follow these guidelines:


  • DO NOT get lashes wet or use a sauna or a steam shower within 5-10 hours after lash service.

  • DO NOT use oil based eye make-up, mascara, or moisturizers on the lash extension. *If you must use mascara, use water based products and only apply to the tips of your lashes*

  • DO NOT use eyelash curlers or apply mascara to the base of your lashes.

  • DO NOT attempt to remove the extensions yourself.

  • DO wash lashes with tear-free baby shampoo after 48 hours.

  • DO brush lashes daily.

  • DO be sure to schedule a lash refill appointment every 2 to 3 weeks for timely touch-ups. This will keep your lashes looking full and natural, indefinitely.

  • DO contact your Certified Lash Extension Stylist with any questions or concerns.


Enjoy Your New Lashes!

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